Filipino-Inspired Restaurant at Winnipeg's Historic Forks Market

Dive into a delicious episode with Norm Pastorin as he talks about his latest culinary adventure, Basta Filipino Kitchen. Discover the essence of Filipino hospitality, Norm’s transition from academia to industry, and the tasty transformation of classic Filipino dishes.

The vibrant tapestry of Winnipeg’s culinary scene has a new, colorful thread woven into its fabric with the recent opening of Basta Filipino Filipino-Inspired Restaurant at The Forks, spearheaded by the renowned chef, Norm Pastorin. Known for his acclaimed establishments and a deep connection with the local food culture, Pastorin’s newest venture introduces the heartwarming Filipino cuisine to a central, bustling hub of the city.

Basta is not just a restaurant; it’s a testament to Pastorin’s passion for food and his Filipino heritage. The name ‘Basta’ captures the essence of Filipino life – it encompasses complexity and simplicity, alluding to the phrase “it is what it is.” This philosophy reflects the authenticity with which Pastorin approaches his culinary creations: embracing the essence of Filipino dishes while infusing them with modern techniques and individual flairs.

In an engaging podcast conversation with Kevin Burgin, on the 680 CJOB Weekend morning show, Pastorin delves deep into the origins of his love for cooking and the path that led him to open Basta at The Forks. Years of experience in the restaurant industry seasoned Pastorin for a new chapter, despite the trying times introduced by the pandemic. The celebrated chef, with his hands seasoned from the Grove Pub and Restaurant, Cornerstone Bar and Kitchen, and the adored Blackbird Brasserie, brings a wealth of wisdom back to the kitchen after a brief foray into academia.

The Forks presents itself as an unconventional venue for Filipino cuisine, traditionally relegated to the outskirts of Winnipeg. But it’s this very location that enthuses Pastorin, promising greater exposure of the flavors of the Philippines to both tourists and locals alike. The restaurant’s opening day was a testimony to Chef Norm Pastorin’s foresight: a bustling testament to the potential of Filipino cuisine in becoming a mainstream fascination.

Patrons of Basta can expect more than just a meal; they’re in for a culinary experience that mirrors the warmth of being welcomed into a Filipino home. The fare, traditionally served family-style, is adapted here with an understanding of a modern, individual-centric dining preference. Pastorin’s approach harmoniously blends the sense of home-cooked comfort with a chef’s precision and innovative preparation methods.

As the host, Kevin Burgin, aptly summed up the essence of Basta – it is a place where mouthwatering flavors and heartfelt love for the culinary arts converge. The success of the grand opening with lines of eager food enthusiasts hints at the bright future of Busta Filipino-Inspired Restaurant. With a schedule that runs from 11 AM to 9 PM on Sundays to Thursdays and extends an hour longer on Fridays and Saturdays, Basta is set to indulge Winnipeg year-round, promising an evolution of hours and offerings with the advent of spring and summer.

Chef Norm Pastorin’s journey from a line-cook’s adrenaline to scholarly teachings and back into the heart of the kitchen exemplifies his devotion to his craft. As Winnipeg weaves through the seasons, with skateboards rolling by and the unmistakable scent of Filipino dishes wafting through the air, The Forks will be home to a slice of the Philippines, served with a sizzling side of love – Filipino style, by Norm Pastorin’s Basta Filipino Kitchen.