Kevin Funk

My name is Kevin Funk. I started cooking at a very young age alongside my late grandma. She was a machine in the kitchen. A wealth of knowledge that I tried to absorb growing up. 

I worked in a few kitchens over the years, but 6 years ago I started my own restaurant. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working alongside some pretty amazing Chef’s, been published in magazines, made top lists in the province and won business of the year in 2017. I was also nominated for the provincial business of the year in 2017. 

Currently I operate a catering business that specializes in pop up diners and tasting menus at private functions. I love working in peoples homes and sharing my love of food with them in a intimate fashion. 

I am known locally for my cinnamon rolls and soups. My most popular dish is a perogy soup that I created several years ago. I have sold over 20, 000 bowls to date. 

I love to cook. Follow along as I share some of my favourite recipes and experiences with you.