What’s new on Sherbrook? Hudson Bagels is the little bagel shop, with BIG heart behind everything they do. Forging a new identity as Winnipeg Style Bagel, at Hudson they mash-up  elements of the Montreal and New York Bagel to create a hybrid of the best, a uniquely Winnipeg Style Bagel served full with joy, warmth, and soul, just like the people that work here, and the community they serve!

Our friends Jessica and Chris have opened a crazy good bagel shop at 79 Sherbrook so of course it’s my job to find out the delicious details.

“When we were traveling, throughout the past couple of years, going to Montreal and New York, we always get a certain sense of energy and traveling and other parts of the world or the country” Jessica reveals.

“We would have awesome bagels, breakfast, coffee, whatnot, when we’re out and about in our travels. Then coming back to Winnipeg, feeling like extra inspired, we always thought, man, I wish there was a bagel shop here. Over the years we had this idea and we nurtured it, gave it a little bit of energy and every now and then it would come up in conversation. This past summer (2020) when we were on our weekly visit to Tom bargain coffee on Sherbrook street, we were sitting on the bench, sipping our lattes. We looked across the street and saw the restaurant for lease sign on the side of the boon burger building. I looked at Chris and I said, call the number. He said why? I said, I don’t know, just out of curiosity, like maybe we could check the space out. So that was on a Sunday. On the Tuesday we went down for the tour and the real estate agent was looking at us and said, so what do you guys plan to open here? Chris looked at me and then we looked at the real estate agent and Chris is like a bagel shop. It was truly just the location that really allowed us to make that leap. Any other area in the city, we wouldn’t have the same, like passion and heart for it.

So, the location couldn’t be better but what about the bagels?

They took elements of a Montreal style bagel, the sweet kind of chewy, crunchy exterior with the New York style bagel, which is a little bit larger in size and fluffier on the inside. They made a hybrid within their bagel and like to call Hudson bagels, the Winnipeg style bagel, because it combines the best of both the Montreal and New York style bagel.

They even make bagel sandwiches and we tried “The King” which is play on Elvis’ peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. It literally was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Lol

Hudson Bagels – 79 Sherbrook St

Monday to Friday – 7am-5pm

Saturday and Sunday 8am-5pm