Mixing Passion & Pastry: Raquel's Delicious Journey

Join Kevin Burgin as he indulges in the delightful world of Sweets to Go by Lily with the spirited Raquel. In this episode, discover her passion for baking that transformed from a homemade Justin Bieber cake to a full-blown indulgent empire. Get ready for mouth-watering tales of cakes, cupcakes, and the sweet success of a baker's dreams turned reality!

Nestled in the heart of Charleswood lies a charming bake shop that has quickly become a community favourite: Sweets to Go by Lily. With an ambiance that feels like stepping into someone’s cozy kitchen, this haven of delectable treats has been founded on the very essence of family and the joy of celebrations.

The inception of Sweets to Go by Lily was as spontaneous as it was sweet. It all began when Raquel, the inspiring owner of the bakery, decided to bake a cake for her daughter, Lily, who was turning seven. Lily had her heart set on a Justin Bieber-themed confection, and Raquel, determined not to disappoint, crafted her first celebratory cake. That decision laid down the sugary foundation for what would eventually evolve into a thriving business named after her daughter, who now works alongside her mother.

Raquel’s shift from hobbyist baker to professional occurred organically. Friends and family began requesting her baked goods. Soon, word-of-mouth referrals poured in, transforming a kitchen pastime into a burgeoning enterprise. Encouraged by this demand, Raquel remodeled her home to house the growing business, heading toward the dream of a standalone bakery.

Support has been pivotal in Raquel’s journey. Her mother stands out as a pillar of strength, not just as a mentor and a taste tester, but also as an early riser who opens the bakery each morning. Even the expansion into their current location was nudged forward by her unwavering belief in Raquel’s vision.

The past meets the present in the design of Sweets to Go by Lily. Communal nostalgia is evoked by items like an antique cash register from Zellers, and rustic doors that tell tales of yesteryear, now witness to the bakery’s own unfolding story.

As for the assortment, the bakery boasts an array of splendid baked goods that vary daily. From their famous pistachio loaf, a creation of Raquel’s mom that became an instant hit, to ingenious flavored cinnamon buns that include peanut butter and Oreos – there’s something for every craving. The cupcakes are far from ordinary, with flavor-packed varieties such as lemon raspberry and coffee that keep patrons coming back for more. Mini cheesecakes, macarons, and elaborate cookie cakes add to the sweet symphony.

Customization is at the core of their offerings, with Raquel specializing in tailored cakes for all sorts of occasions. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because – Sweets to Go by Lily adds a dash of sweetness to every memorable moment. Raquel’s creations have become annual traditions for families, marking milestones with a delicious slice of consistency and creativity.

On social media, Sweets to Go by Lily keeps its community updated with mouth-watering images and new delicacies to look out for. It’s a bakery that not only caters to your taste buds but also carves its way into your heart, one bite at a time.

In the end, what truly makes Sweets to Go by Lily stand out is the love and passion baked into every treat. Raquel and her team prove that life’s sweetest moments are often celebrated around a table, sharing a slice of joy that only homemade goodness can bring.