Von Slicks Finishing Butter

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a completely new type of flavour enhancer?

Landon Kroeker owner of Von Slicks Finishing Butter on TMI talking about how their finishing butter will level up the taste of your favorite dishes.


How was the name Von Slick’s Finishing Butter chosen?

I used to do some web design and graphic design work, says owner Landon Kroeker, and Von Slicks was actually the name of that company. We were originally going to name this company Churn and after doing some trademark searches and getting some professional opinions, apparently that wasn’t such a good idea.

The word Churn is actually part of the description of how you produce butter so you would never be able to protect it. So on the fly, we didn’t have a ton of time my business partner and myself kind of looked at each other and said, you know what? We kind of liked that all the name Von Slicks.

The business is a partnership between Landon and Rob Sengotta who are actually co workers at Buffalo Point Resort. Rob is the Head Chef and Landon is the Marketing Manager. 3 years ago during the down time at work they discussed opening a business. Rob out of no where advised “I’ve always wanted to create finishing butters in push tubes”. Just like that it began.

“The packaging is a cardboard push tube, explains Landon, and sold frozen so the longevity of the product is really good. As a consumer, once you purchase it’s totally up to you what you do with it so if you think you’re going to eat the butter fast and on a regular basis, totally throw it in your fridge. However, It has real food in it, like roasted red peppers and mushrooms so it’s going to age just like how a regular vegetable would age at that point, 

Six flavors so far…

Salted caramel. great on French toast and popcorn. 

Roasted red pepper. Great on steak and corn on the cob. 

Mushroom. Great on chicken and pasta. 

Wild blueberry. Wild blueberries. The sleeper. It can go on so many things. Breakfast seems to be a hit, so pancakes and even just toast. Also great on  chicken. 

Garlic Confit. Garlic butter you can use on pretty much anything you want. Makes the best garlic toast in the world.

Olive Tampenade. Pasta seems to be the go-to. Super easy, boil up some noodles, throwing some on top. Also on a fresh baguette, especially if you’re doing like a charcuterie board. It works incredibly well there.

Von Slicks Finishing Butter will be available mid-March at over 50 to 70 retailers. Stay tuned.